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Nov 24, 2015
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hatton slayden
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Hi all my lovely watchers. As you know I've been somewhat of a busy bee lately with all the art I've been pumping out.

This isn't just because I like drawing (though I do like making art) But more so because an artist has got to make a living ya know :iconsweatingplz:

And thus I've made this Journal to keep all my uploads nice and neat by getting rid of all those link I've been putting under them and making it easier to upload so I'll only have to put one or two links in them from now on. :D

Speaking of those links. I don't know how many of you guys actually read artist descriptions but as I've said I'm trying to make a living off from working as an artist and all those links you've been seeing (If you've actually been paying attention) are my many and various fully completed portfolios for purchase that I've made. They are all available on a website called Lulu and I hope you would all take a look at them. Each portfolio contains the pictures I've uploaded here but larger and with all the 'fun bits' uncovered. 

Daily Doe: the Ivory Queen by hattonslayden…
the ivory queen rules the sands alone. But she is not alone in her desires.

Mature Content

Dyson love Value pack by hattonslayden…
and here we have my second value pack this time featuring Liu and Arthur exclusively. with their first 2 folios and 11 brand new ones you can beat that value

Mature Content

Daily Doe: The first Value Pack by hattonslayden…
Here is my first Value pack of 37 images as requested there are two older folios of Zebralicious and the first Angry Luvin, with a grab bag of reworked folio images and 6 unreleased images at nearly a 50% discount. enjoy

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Snow Buns by hattonslayden…
ALL RIGHT NOW!  Snow Buns is available on Lulu as promised uncensored goodness.

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Doe loving by hattonslayden…
the does are back and with more loving than ever. come see the tender gentle love that only a doe can provide

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Return to the Serengeti by hattonslayden…
even should he leave for a time the call of the plains and his love are so strong that nothing can keep him from her.

Mature Content

daily doe: Lucari-Love by hattonslayden

mind the spike on her chest and this fighting steel type will burn your soul with passion…

Mature Content

dail doe: Stable Mates by hattonslayden

sometimes a good stable hand is difficult to find. not this time apparently…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: The Bitch and the Bastasrd Return by hattonslayden

the bitch and the bastard return for another round of banging and boinking
please pardon the lateness of this folio, i had a few family things to attend to.  however by posting on a Monday i should start to get an accurate idea of how popular a folio is.…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Trickster Night by hattonslayden

there are many tales pf a being who can shape shift to trick the unwary. but what is she like in her true form?…

Mature Content

Daily doe: Lop me Up by hattonslayden

this may not be your typical Easter bunny but she is just as fun. and as always wild and free is best…

Mature Content

daily doe: The White Queen Returns by hattonslayden

the White queen has returned to her snowy kingdom and her faithful consort is more than happy to please her…

Mature Content

daily doe: Tide you Over by hattonslayden

a return of oceanic lovers as they bask in the sunny tropical paradise…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: special garden by hattonslayden

Bruce and Kota share some special moments in a hidden garden no matter the weather…

Mature Content

Zebra plains by hattonslayden

the Serengeti Plains a hot, but not as hot as these two are (yeah that is cheesy i am sorry)

i hope you like your chicken hot and spicy because this couple is on FIRE

Mature Content

spice  and fire lover by hattonslayden

they need just the leobear necessities. the simple leobear necessities. and all winter long they will stay just super warm and comfortable.

Mature Content

Daily Doe: the Leobear necessities by hattonslayden

In Dyson when two souls link the bonds forged are intense and intimate beyond what can be described in words.

Mature Content

Daily Doe : Dance of Lovers by hattonslayden

I've created so many that there is something to fit almost any anthro art lovers desires.

Daily Doe : Mixed Moo by hattonslayden
minotaurs princesses and does, and the men who love them what could possibly go wrong?…

Mature Content

Daily Doe : The White Queen by hattonslayden

tall powerful and lover she rules and loves her kingdom of nature like she rules and loves her lover…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: lady No Horns returns by hattonslayden

the lovely lady no horns has returned with her lover in a brand new next installment in their series…

Mature Content

Daily doe: Arctic Warmth by hattonslayden

though the freezing wind blows and blizzards rage these lovers do not fear it because they have enough fiery passion to melt any heart…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Mixed lovers by hattonslayden

another mixed bag from my chaotic mind…

Mature Content

Daily doe: Orcatastic by hattonslayden

a little bit of sea side life and a little bit of mountain kitty and a whole lot of loving…

Mature Content

Mixed Bag 2 by hattonslayden

here we have another mixed bag of cats and does. a hunter gets his bag count and enjoys a little venison and Bruce and Kota enjoy a little personal time together…

Mature Content

surprise shark snusnu by hattonslayden

they said it was safe to go back in the water.  they said nothing bad would happen.  they got the second part right…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Water Lover by hattonslayden

enjoying the sun and surf takes on new meaning for this gentleman as his lady love is quite the adept when it comes to all things to do with the sea……

before she became empress or had any true political power Hashtha the Naga had a human lover by the name of Corrin a simple Merchant

Mature Content

Sun love by hattonslayden

a fire blooded warrior and a princess goddess of the sun show the fires of their passion.…

Mature Content

Daily Doe: Communion by hattonslayden…

even warriors need some angry loving

Mature Content

the bitch and the bastard by hattonslayden…

You want zebra women?

Daily Doe: zebralicious by hattonslayden

There's a book for that…

So I know what you are thinking "But hattonslayden, Sure you got Zebra women but I've seen it. Ben there done that. Do you have anything even more. . .exotic?"

Well my friend hold on to your carapace because boy do I.

Daily Doe: Fire and Ice

Daily Doe: fire and ice by hattonslayden

Liu and Arthur, born from two separate worlds with nothing physically in common only that they love each other.…

Or something a bit more rare.

Daily Doe: Entwined

Entwined by hattonslayden

No legs does not mean no 'love'. These tailed females easily use their entire body for their men.…

But wait there's so much more

*cough* over doing it *cough*. . .

Into Your Soul

Daily Doe: into your soul by hattonslayden

several hunters enter the forest. none return; and they could not be happier.…

Daily Doe: loving her mind.

Daily Doe: loving her mind by hattonslayden

The best part about a physic lover is that there are no secrets between the two of you.…

Daily Doe: Coils

Daily Doe: Coils by hattonslayden

In a land that straddles between the dune sea and the mighty rain forests, two unlikely lovers enjoy the finer 'spices' of life.…

Daily Doe: lady on fire

Lady on fire by hattonslayden

this lady is burning with desire and only her trainer can quench the flames of her passion…

Daily Doe: Lady No Horns

Daily Doe: lady No Horns by hattonslayden

so we have had a lot of reindeer and now for something a bit different. a white tail doe.…

Daily Doe: Further Evolved

Further Evolved by hattonslayden

The next in the series, beautiful ladies and the men who love them…

Daily Doe: Special Legends

Daily Doe: Special Legends by hattonslayden

These legends are impossible to capture and enslave. put to the men who chose to stand with them find a relationship far better than master and slave.…

Daily Doe: GTFMA

Daily Doe: GTFMA by hattonslayden

well with this series there is now need for capturing as these ladies are very interested in training…

Daily Doe: Our Love is Hotter

Daily Doe: Our love is hotter by hattonslayden

Not fire nor storm can keep these two apart. yet another set of daily Doe has hit the internet.…

Daily Doe: Angry Luvin'

Daily Doe: angry luvin by hattonslayden

Marcus Flint and DelNala Shin. two people who love to hate each other and cannot get enough of either…

Daily Doe: Kinslayer

Daily Doe: Kinslayer by hattonslayden

the tale of Kharn and Sherabi is one of near constant tragedy and bloodshed. Kharn was ostracized because he would not kill Sherabi and her siblings when they were cubs and his "right of passage" into manhood and thus was driven to Fratricide. Sherabi although her and her siblings were spared was unable to stop the slaughter of the rest of her clan and thus had to try to keep what was left of her family alive. despite her best efforts, starvation, sickness and bandits took the rest of her siblings one by one until as an adult, she was all alone. eventually the two met up again and as Kharn had given in to all his hate and rage, it seemed the two would kill each other at last. but Sherabi remembered Kharn and what he did for her and would not allow the last glimmer of good that had happened in her life no matter how distant a glimmer it was.…

Daily Doe: Tender Dancing

Daily Doe: Tender Dancing by hattonslayden

Robert and Dancer make their debut with a more gentle and loving folio, also my first comic series, short "room for one more?" where my characters of Mar and Shesheik "discuss" their relationship.…

Daily Doe: Dreams of Kota

Daily Doe: Dreams of Kota by hattonslayden

Their meeting was by chance but their connection was undeniable. Kota and Bruce enjoy some tender moments and the next installment of "room for another?" is out in full color.…

Daily Doe: Now Dancer

Daily Doe: Now Dancer by hattonslayden

Now Dancer: in this one you have a few work characters introduced in a "Crop and Drop" fashion. shark women and lunar unicorns and white cat lovers.…

Daily Doe: Now Dasher

The Daily Doe: Now Dasher by hattonslayden

Now Dancer: in this one you have a few work characters introduced in a "Crop and Drop" fashion. shark women and lunar unicorns and white cat lovers.…

Daily Doe: Bulking Out

The Daily Doe: Bulking Out by hattonslayden

The second Daily Doe to incorporate the new expanded layout. as before 7 doe illustrations plus articles for Progress Bar, a part tutorial and part exploration of technique. And Crop and Drop were i take illustrations i have finished or partly finished and refine them until my hands bleed.…

Daily Doe: One with Nature

Daily Doe One with Nature by hattonslayden

Daily Doe: One with Nature is a new step in the folio series, now not only are there the 6 Doe pics plus cover but there are now at least 15 pages in total that will have sketches WIPs and tutorials as well as other varied content. Come for the Does, stay for everything else.…

Daily Doe The Next Rut.

Daily doe  the next Rut by hattonslayden

A new folio, a new set of does. this time they are bringing in a new set of girls with some unusual patterns.…

Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeding folio by hattonslayden

two sets of lovers two ways of going about it. Kota the Cat thief and Bruce the Hedge knight have nothing in common with each other, except their love. Delnala the wolf woman and Marcus the Merc have much in common but hate each other, and cannot keep their hands off each other.…

Daily Doe Herding Instincts

The Dail Doe issue 2 Herding Instincts by hattonslayden

The Hapless hunter has found the benefits of the Reindeer Does and their Herding instincts.…

Daily Doe

The Daily Doe  Issue 1 by hattonslayden

A hunter wonders through the forest to find a trophy to mount on his wall. What he finds he cannot mount on a wall, but there will be plenty of 'mounting' all the same.…

The Mighty MooBuu

Behold the Mighty Moobu by hattonslayden

Behold the Mighty Moobuu! Here in lies the powerful and indomitable minotaur lady! Watch and be Amazed as she "MooMoos" her way to Countless victories over her hapless human 'adversaries.'…

Loving The Wrong Damsel

loving the wrong damsel by hattonslayden

Two individuals totally unalike in appearance have found a common ground in that they are totally infatuated with each other…


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